Small Bites

Enoki Frites – $11

Tempura fried enoki mushrooms with back garlic miso ranch.

Brussel Sprouts – $10

Fried tossed in coconut vinegar with cured egg yolk, pork floss, fried garlic.

Crab Rangoon – $10

Imitation crab, cream cheese, yuzu, scallions served with phat duck sauce.

Phat Fries – $12

Hand-cut fries, fried egg, sweet Chinese sausage gravy, cheese curds, sriracha hot sauce, green onions.

Birria Bao Buns – $14

Two bao buns with slow roasted pork shoulder, gochujang hot honey, kimchi slaw, and Korean consome for dipping

Char Sui – $14

Braised pork short rib tossed in Chinese char sui sauce, fried garlic, fried shallot, spiced cashews.

Wings – $14

Twice fried wings tossed in your choice of Gen Tso, spicy Vietnamese, or gochujang hot honey

Kimchi Gyoza – $9

Japanese dumpling with kimchi and Korean glass noodles served with gyoza sauce.

Agedashi Tofu (Vegan) – $9

Fried tofu, vegan dashi, daikon, green onion.

Poke nachos – $16

Ahi tuna dressed with sesame ginger dressing, spicy pickled peppers, cucumber, avocado, eel sauce, wasabi mayo, and furikake on wonton chips

Curry hummus – $11

Wonton chips, sugar snaps, topped with chili crisp and green onions

Vietnamese Flank steak platter – $32

grilled flank steak with jasmine rice, pickled cucumbers, red peppers, basil cilantro chimichurri, bibb lettuce, and red onion. Serves 3-4

Soups & Salads

Battleship Curry – $14

Pork shoulder, carrot, onion, red bell pepper.

Thai Coconut Curry – Cup $7 / Bowl $12

Spiced coconut cream, vegetables blended smooth.

Soup of the day – Cup $7 / Bowl $12

Chef’s choice

Asian Pear salad – $13

Bibb lettuce, spiced cashews, goat cheese and Asian pears. All tossed in sesame ginger vinaigrette


Bingsu (Rotating Flavor) – $10

Korean shaved ice with condensed milk.

Apple pie wontons – $10

Cream cheese and apple filling with miso caramel apples and cinnamon powdered sugar

Pineapple upside down bread pudding – $10

Pineapple pudding with pineapple curd, coconut


K-Mac – $17

Two 5 oz angus patties, bacon, fried egg, sliced cheddar, kimchi, good af sauce.

Bahn Mai – $14

Traditional loaf, pickled diakon, cucumber, carrots with choice of Thai meatball or Seiten.

KFC Sandwich – $16

Fried chicken thigh tossed in gochujang sauce, kimchi, crispy onions, garlic aioli.

Chinese Chili Dawg – $13

Mapo tofu, cheddar cheese, mustard greens.

Pork katsu – $17

Deep fried pork cutlet with hot mustard slaw, mayo, and bulldog sauce on Texas toast


Tonkotsu Ramen – $18

Pork broth, chashu, alkaline noodles, mushrooms, bok shoy, carrots, ramen egg.

Spicy Miso Ramen – $18

Spicy pork miso broth, chashu, alkaline noodles, mushrooms, bok shoy, carrots, ramen egg.

Lo Mein – $16

Stir fry vegetables, noodles with beef or chicken.

Rice Bowls

Beef Bulgogi – $17

Korean beef, sauteed vegetables, cucumber kimchi, fried egg.

Fried Rice – $14

Protein options: Spam / Tofu / Chicken.

Side Pieces

Kimchi – $4
Cucumber Kimchi – $4
Jasmine Rice – $4
Fries – $6
Crab Fat Rice – $5
Brussel Sprouts – $5
Egg Roll – $3.5

Signature Potions

Phat Vacation – $14

Light rum, coconut rum, blue curacao, orgeat, tiki spice.

The Cartel – $14

Reposada tequila, chili simple, lime, rimmed w/ tajin, topped w/ a mezcal float.

Coconut Coffee – $12

Coffee rum, shanky’s whip, coconut rum, topped w/ whip cream.

Grog of the Undead – $16

Overproof rum, gold rum, aperitif, allspice dram, orange liqueur, demerara, lime.

Piper & Leaf Tea-Ki Punch – $12

Light rum, hibiscus liqueur, piper and leaf tea, lemon, pineapple.

Rosemary’s Baby – $14

Gin, elderflower liqueur, orgeat, blackberry, yuzu, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit.

Som Num Naa – $11

Jamaican rum, amaretto, aperol, Thai tea, coconut.

Beach Babe – $16

Banana cream rum, coconut rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao, simple, lemon.

Rum Old Fashioned – $12

Gold rum, dark rum, chocolate, orange, demerara gomme.

Bull in a Tiki Bar – $12

Vodka, orange liqueur, red bull original, pomegranate, lemon, grapefruit.

Sake Colada – $12

Sake, light rum, coconut, lemon.

Sammy’s Pet Flamingo – $14

Vodka, pomegranate, simple, lime, topped with a pomegranate coconut foam.


Craft Seltzers

The OG – $9

Classic highball soda.

Sakura – $11

Classic highball soda, grapefruit, lime.

Hokkaido Beach – $12

Classic highball soda, light rum, mint lime.

Eternal Summer – $11

Classic highball soda, blackberry yuzu, ginger.

Dirty Chaseki – $11

Classic highball soda, juniper green tea.

Potions of Temperance


Bun in the Oven – $6

Pineapple, orange, lemon, passionfruit, coconut.

Sail Away – $6

Club soda, pomegranate, orange, pineapple, grapefruit.

Tropical Oasis – $6

Ginger ale, seasonal fruit, pineapple, lemon.

Island Breeze – $6

Pineapple, orange, lime, lemon coconut.

Classic Tiki Takes

Mai Tai – $12
circa 1944 from Trader Vic’s

Jamaican rum, gold rum, orange liqueur, orgeat vanilla, lime juice.

Hurricane – $17
circa 1940 from Pat O’Brien

Dark rum, passionfruit, lemon.

Hawaiian Sunset – $12
circa 1960 from the Aku Aku

Vodka, orgeat, pomegranate, lime & lemon juice.

Saturn – $12
circa 1967 from J. “Popo” Galsini

Gin, falernum, passionfruit, orgeat, lemon juice.

Absolutely Not a Painkiller – $12
circa 1970 from The Soggy Dollar Bar

Overproof rum, dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream.
Up the dosage – $4

Phat Zombie – $17
circa 1934 from Don the Beachcomber

Overproof rum, Jamaican rum, gold rum, falernum, tiki spice, pomegranate, lime, grapefruit, topped with an overproof float & herbstura.

Navy Grog – $14
circa 1940 from Trader Vic’s

Overproof rum, light rum, dark rum, allspice dram, demerara, lime, grapefruit.

Tradewinds – $16
circa 1942 from Joe Scialom

Light rum, dark rum, apricot liqueur, coconut, lemon.

Aku Aku – $14
circa 1930 from Don the Beachcomber

Light rum, peach liqueur, demerara, mint, pineapple.

Jungle Bird – $13
circa 1978 from the Kuala Lumpur Hilton

Dark rum, campari, demerara syrup, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice.

Halekulani – $12
circa 1930 from the Halekulani Hotel

Bourbon, angostura, pomegranate, demerara, lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice.

The Ernesto – $13
circa 2010 from Martin Cate

Blanco tequila, apricot liqueur, herbstura, honey, lime, grapefruit soda.

Suffering Bastard – $14
circa 1942 from Joe Scialom

Gin, falernum, passionfruit, orgeat, lemon juice.

Miehana – $14
circa 1996 from Jeff “Beachbum” Berry

Dark rum, campari, demerara syrup, lime juice, pineapple juice.

Fog Cutter – $13
circa 1947 from Trader Vic’s

Brandy, gin, gold rum, orgeat, orange, lemon.

Communal Cocktails

Scorpion Bowl (Serves 3-4) – $45

Jamaican rum, gin, brandy, demerara, orgeat, lime, orange.

Bottoms Up (Serves 4-6) – $55

Gold rum, light rum, simple, passionfruit, lime, orange, pineapple.

The Aquarium (Serves 4-6) – $55

Coconut rum, light rum, blue curacau, red bull coconut, coconut, lemon.

Rocket Fuel (Serves 4-6) – $58

Coconut rum, light rum, orange liqueur, red bull original, coconut, pineapple, lemon.

Beer & Wine

Rotating Seasonal Draft & Cans

Ask your server what they are!

Happier Than Ever Hour

Monday – Thursday 3PM – 6PM




mINI cHILI dOG – $4

$5 sHOTS





(Bottled & Canned)